Short staple spinning-Marzoli

Short staple spinning-Marzoli


Cristoforo Marzoli founded Marzoli in 1851 in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, near Brescia. He began in a small garage producing spare parts for the spinning and then, with his son, developed the small factory into a proper foundry and started the production of textile machinery. In 1890 the little shop became a modern industrial factory and this allowed Marzoli to become a world producer of textile machinery in 1920.
Marzoli is the only manufacturer in the world with the ability to create the complete line of machines for spinning cotton and synthetic fibres; every single Marzoli machinery has a very technological content. In March 1999, Marzoli became a part of the Camozzi Group and the factory has been reorganized and modernized. Since the beginning of 21st Century, Marzoli has paid particular attention to service after the sale.


Super blender B12 Super blender B12

· High reliability and safety ·Flexible production: possibility to process 2 blends · Smooth and continuous material plucking all the way down to the floor thanks to the free and...


Flexibility4 or 8 chambersProductionUp to 1,600 Kg/hHigh capacityUp to 550 Kg ·Suitable for any kind of cotton, man made fiber and blend up to 65 mm·High production (1,600 Kg/h) and stor...

 Duo belended cleaner B380L Duo belended cleaner B380L

·Very efficient opener with outstanding cleaning and dedusting performances·The fibers are effectively dedusted by the B450L cage condenser ·The material before being processed by...

 opener B134L opener B134L

·Excellent opening of the fibers·Suitable for man-made fibers and blends up to 65 mm staple length·No waste·Excellent approachability·High flexibility thanks to the...