Gruppo Grassi

Gruppo Grassi


Gruppo Grassi S.r.l

Since 1984 at your service, Prato - Italy 

The advantages of a large company structured, solid and enterprising, join the local knowledge, ensuring the best possible offer in terms of quality, innovation and service. the direct and indirect web sales, covers the whole world, is the real asset of the company in terms of expertise and know how, able to guarantee coverage with after-sales service network. The customer support is ensured through dedicated services such as remote assistance, free online or via the sales network and after-sales spare parts available in the main cities of the world.


MC-H2800 MC-H2800

Stretch fabrics, jacquard fabrics, knit fabrics and ladder-proof ones, silk, cotton, microfiber and bonded leather, polyester lining, memory-foam, polyurethane and overlaid latex can be worked by the...

GS-899E GS-899E

he sewing-heads directly transformed in our laboratories are extremely strong and reliable, coming from the leather working industry, they are suitable for very heavy quilted materials. The sewing mac...