It was 1895 when Federico Zonco founded a company for the design and costruction of machinery for the finishing of wool cloths and, some years later, supported by his son Anselmo, he created the sawmill for working the wood needed by the Company itself and by the parallel plant for the production of lags and pins for rag tearing machines. Things have continuously evolved over the last 100 years of activity. After the war, stainless steel gradually replaced wood, and the market extended beyond national borders, becoming first European and then worldwide, thanks to the innovations brought by Federico, Pietro and Placido, grandsons of the founder. The years have passed and, borne along by our desire for continuous self-improvement, we have come to the years 2000 and the management of the Company is already in the hands of the fourth generation: but respect for quality and tradition is the same as it was over 100 years ago.



FLEXICOM 400 and 800 are used for high speed scouring and milling processes in various combinations for fabrics made of wool and blends from 100 to 1200 gms/m2.Ability to process even the most difficu...