TECNOPEA Srl, part of LONATI GROUP, thanks to its continuous and careful technological research, has achieved a remarkable level of quality in the production of boarding, ironing and packaging machines for pantyhose, socks and seamless knitwear.

The dynamic Company management and the continuous investment in developing systems and equipment guarantees a high level of quality and a fast and reliable service worldwide.

The ever-changing market has led to a continuous technological development, with a rapid response to our customers’ requests, and compliance with international standards and regulations.



SD12 SD12

Steam boarding machine for pantyhoses, stockings and knee-highs. The solid boarding forms can be foot-shaped or straight. This steam boarding machine is available with direct loading of boarding for...

Smartfold + smartbag Smartfold + smartbag

Automatic packaging line for stockings, knee-highs and pantyhose in polypropylene bags. Automatic packaging line comprising of a garments folding system and a bagging machine. This system can be con...


Automatic steam boarding machine for men, women and children socks. Low energy consumption automatic steam boarding machine with high productivity. Direct loading of products on boarding forms by 2...