The company’s current portfolio comprises around 50 circular knitting machines and covers the full range of modern textiles. From fabrics for sportswear, for underwear in body widths, for fashionable outerwear, for mattress covers or car headliners, there is a Mayer & Cie. machine to deliver the goods. It knits fast, reliably and in consistently high quality. And tirelessly: more than half of the Mayer & Cie. machines ever manufactured are still in use.


spinit 3.0 E spinit 3.0 E

spinitsystems® the innovation from Mayer & Cie. - combining the spinning cleaning and knitting process in one machine.Knitwear is manufactured not from yarn but straight from the fibre rovi...

OVJA 1.6 E OVJA 1.6 E

Spacer fabrics, hook and needle plush, double-knit electronic jacquard with electronic needle selection in the cylinder, double-layer fabric with lay-in thread, fine gauge up to E36 - the OVJA 1.6 E m...