Fadis is not a simple supplier of winding machines, Fadis is the REFERENCE SPECIALIST for the various winding processes.
Fadis is definitely THE WINDING SPECIALIST for elastomeric yarns.
Fadis is the the BENCHMARK in the process of covering because it offers all machines for all types of coverage:

Since its introduction, in 2011, the innovative SINCRO SPRINT machine has become the benchmark for spooling with its new concept of compact and efficient double-sided spooling machine, equipped with independent winding spindles with electronic yarn guide, precision crossing and motorised bobbin. Equipped with an “on-line” tension control device, it was designed to reach high winding speeds reaching up to 1.750 m/min (mechanical speed up to 2.250 m/min). It furthermore offers various advantages, such as versatility, choice, modification of all the parameters necessary to wind yarn on flanged bobbins.
The electronic yarn-guide technology with precision crossing installed on the SINCRO SPRINT machine guarantees a perfect (with micrometric tolerance) and uniform yarn laying, an essential feature for reaching an optimal unwinding during the following covering process.
In order to keep the same density between the inner and outer layers of the bobbin and thus avoid the crushing of the turns underneath, as well as an optimal unwinding during the single following covering and twisting processes, the “Tens Control™” technology, a unique and completely electronic system of “on-line” tension control, is used in the SINCRO SPRINT machine, too.
This continuous adjustment system allows to intervene at every slightest variation, so as to bring the tension back within the set parameters. This technology guarantees a uniform tension within the bobbins and thus the same density between the inner and outer layers, and between one bobbin and another one.
The innovative design is structured in order to offer the maximum operational performance. It allows to produce different types of flanged bobbins, with various lengths and diameters.

Fadis was the first company in the world to introduce the air covering technology in 1987, together with Heberlein, of which HFP, the name of the first model and jet type, derives.
The innovative constructional philosophy of the SINCRO line, called “open platform”, finds its greatest expression in the SINCRO MULTIPLA machine and in its various possible functions. It is a “multi-function” machine, which can respond to 7 different production processes and guarantees high performances with speeds reaching up to 1.750 m/min. This innovative construction principle allows to prepare, jointly with the customer, a machine that perfectly satisfies his specific technical/productive needs, with the possibility of modifying it according to new market requirements. This flexibility allows the customer to identify in only one basic model all the types of processing he needs, with indisputable benefits in terms of personnel training, maintenance and organisation of production.
The “Queen” version of the Multipla line foresees the application of an electronic motorised unwinding device necessary to unwind an elastomeric yarn and intermingle it through air with a textured yarn. The computerised digital terminal allows to electronically control and vary the draw ratio, as well as all the other standard “SINCRO” parameters. The “Tens Control™” technology, a unique and completely electronic system of “on-line” tension control, constantly checks the tension of all the yarns during the intermingling process, both in input and output. This version of the “SINCRO” line with its high level of technology will satisfy the most sophisticated production requirements and guarantee the formation of packages with perfectly stabilised yarn and excellent uniformity of both tension and intermingling.

In 2015  Fadis has developped the  SINCRO DUAL CORE because more frequently, the producers of traditional Corespun yarn (elastane core + staple fibre), decide to improve the performances of such yarn replacing its core (bare elastane) with other types of yarn such as polyester, T400, air-covered yarn etc.
In order to be processed on the spinning machines, such different types of yarn (core) have to be wound on
special small take-up tubes.
In order to optimize the rewinding process and reduce the production costs, Fadis has developed a specific electronic yarn guided machine with precision crossing that allows to rewind simultaneously, on the same spindle, the yarn coming from 2 feed bobbins, thanks to:
an underneath creel equipped with high sensitive yarn presence sensors prepared for loading 2 feed bobbins
for each working position;
a yarn path purposely designed to allow the simultaneous rewinding of the yarn coming from 2 feed bobbins with 2 individual electronic on-line tension control;
a special take-up spindle with double yarn guide for the simultaneous take-up of the yarn coming from two feed bobbins on 2 small take